Welcome to the ACT and Region ColdFusion Users Group

Welcome to the ACT and Region ColdFusion Users Group

User Groups provide a forum of support and technology to Web professionals of all levels and professions. Whether you're a designer, seasoned developer, or just starting out. User Groups strengthen community, increase networking, unveil the latest technology innovations, and reveal the techniques that turn novices into experts, and experts into gurus.

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Mission Statement

The ACT and Region ColdFusion Users Group (ACTCFUG) is committed to serving the Canberra and region ColdFusion community by providing a central place where ColdFusion developers can exchange ideas, discuss issues, and learn about various technologies in web application development. The ACTCFUG is a non-profit organisation that is run completely by volunteers.

Our Goals

In order to ensure that the committee is always working toward our mission statement, the ACTCFUG has established the following goals:

  • Provide a comfortable place for local developers to meet and network.
  • Identify and discuss issues commonly confronted by ColdFusion developers.
  • Offer a place where ColdFusion developers may bring their problems for helpful feedback.
  • Challenge local ColdFusion developers to better their skills and to share their abilities with other developers.
  • Keep local ColdFusion developers up-to-date on the latest activities at Adobe.
  • Give developers an outlet for sharing their ideas and getting the word out about their work.
  • Have fun and learn!


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About Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe ColdFusion software enables developers to rapidly build, deploy, and maintain robust Internet applications for the enterprise. With the latest release, ColdFusion 10, developers can condense complex business logic into even fewer lines of code. In tandem, Adobe ColdFusion Builder software, an Eclipse based IDE for efficiently managing ColdFusion application development from concept through deployment, is also now available. Together, they offer a complete set of tools and services for creating rich, robust Internet applications.

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